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Jimmy Lanzetta, owner, Morris Park Flooring: What customers say about Jimmy Lanzetta.

“Jimmy put carpet in my daughter’s bedroom two years ago and it still looks stunning. We loved his work so much we just had him do linoleum in my mother-in-law’s kitchen and foyer.” — Lisa Sica, Morris Park 

“I do a lot of work with Jimmy. When he says he’s going to do something, it gets done. And he’s always priced right. Any flooring jobs I get, I use Jimmy.” — Nick Virello, owner Seal Tite Builders, Throggs Neck  

Jimmy Lanzetta has been in the flooring business in the Bronx for 47 years. And he’s been living in Morris Park for 25 years. Jimmy knows flooring; Jimmy knows Morris Park; and Jimmy knows the Bronx. And anyone across the Bronx whose done business with Jimmy will tell you that if you need flooring, done right, and at the right price, “go down to Morris Park Flooring and see Jimmy.”  

“My name and my reputation in this neighborhood, and all over the Bronx, have been established over the past 47 years,” Jimmy says. “My customers all know I’ll give them value and quality — and they’ll let you know it.”  

Five years ago Jimmy opened Morris Park Flooring at 1008 Morris Park Ave. “It was my dream to open up here,” he said. “It’s a very close knit community and everyone knows us.”
Jimmy Lanzetta’s Morris Park Flooring is a full-service flooring center. “For home or commercial, we’ve got everything and anything you’ll need,” Jimmy says. “We carry and install carpet, linoleum, commercial and vinyl tile, area rugs, hardwood flooring, laminates, floor sanding and refinishing. And we are flooring specialists. I’ve been doing this my entire life. I know what products work best in each situation; I know and use the best installers; and I know what it should all cost. I’ll make sure you get the right product, installed correctly and to last, and at the best price. That’s my guarantee.” 

And for contractors, Morris Park Flooring goes one step further, delivering directly to job sites in the Bronx, Manhattan and Westchester County. Morris Park’s specialists will come to your site, consult with you, and work with you via their step by step process to give you the beautiful floor that will make your space stand out. No matter if its tile, hardwood or carpet, your floor will be easy to care for and lend beauty to your home or workspace. Work by Morris Park Flooring is guaranteed to add to the value of your home.
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Morris Park Flooring can help you with any of these flooring products or services:

  • Free ground shipping for online orders in US and Canada
  • Carpet installation 
  • Flooring installation, service and repair 
  • Tile installation 
  • Linoleum installation, service and repair  
  • Wood flooring installation, service and repair  
  • All phases of residential and commercial flooring and design  
  • Carpet Wholesale 
At Morris Park Flooring, we are the wood flooring experts. We carry hardwood flooring products from the top manufacturers and brands, and our team has the expertise to make your space beautiful. Why settle for a bare floor, when you can install a floor that looks great, is easy to maintain and will add value to your home? Wood flooring is a great option for home offices, living rooms and dens.  

We carry popular types of wood flooring such as:  
  • Burnished Acacia 
  • Sunset Acacia 
  • Amber Brazilian Oak 
  • Dark Caspian Chestnut 

We stock great brands such as Mayflower, Builder’s Pride, Morningstar Ultra and Virginia Mill Works. Our team will ensure that you get the best hardwood floor installed at the best price. Look to Morris Park Flooring for the best in brand, expertise and service for your hardwood floor.

Jimmy and his team work with contractors, homeowners and business leaders not only in the Bronx but also across the boroughs, supplying valued partners with carpet installation, tile installation, and flooring installation, and carpet wholesale supply.  

Whether you’re a renter, homeowner or a contractor, Jimmy promises to treat you like you’re from the neighborhood. “We get customers from all over the city, all over the tri-state area,” he says, “but once you walk into my store, you’re family. I’ll put my reputation on it.” At Morris Park Flooring, the business is built on long term relationships and service, so Jimmy and his team are committed to making sure that you are delighted with your new floor. Businesses are built on reputation, and Morris Park Flooring has built one of the strongest reputations for flooring and home renovation in the tri-state area. The testimonials from Morris Park Flooring customers are the basis of this reputation for care, service and quality.


"Jimmy is AWESOME! They have a wide selection of beautiful flooring options. You must check them out"
 - Chantél S. Mikell  ✮✮✮✮✮
"Very affordable prices & extreme efficient service along with quality products. Jimmy is the MAN!"
 - Richard Lee  ✮✮✮✮✮
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Morris Park Flooring carries only the best national brands. As your source for carpet wholesale, Morris Park Flooring provides the highest level of customer service and flooring installation quality.  

This is what you can count on when you visit Morris Park Flooring:  
  • Decades of expertise – Jimmy and his team have been working in the Morris Park area and in the greater Bronx area for over 4 decades. Working with both homeowners and contractors, Jimmy and the Morris Park team combine state of the art best practice for flooring and construction techniques, the best brands, the most trusted products and innovation in space and flooring design. Jimmy and his team can provide you with the best in carpet, wood flooring, linoleum and tile floors, in a way that matches your space and budget.  
  • Innovation, design, and value – testimonials and decades of satisfied partners and customers attest to Morris Park Flooring’s delivery of value and service. The creation of attractive spaces that increase property values and add to the day to day experiences of those who use them is the dedicated goal of Morris Park Flooring. 
  • For homeowners – service, trust and care are the Morris Park hallmarks. Jimmy and his team will work with you to find for you the best flooring solution that meets your space needs and your budget. Morris Park Flooring has a wide variety of financing options available that will work within your budget and time frame. 
  • For contractors – The Morris Park Flooring team has extensive working with contractors and commercial firms across the tristate area. Having installed flooring in offices, restaurants, and other commercial spaces across the tristate area, The Morris Park team has the expertise and confidence to work in any commercial space scenario. Jimmy and his team bring with them decades of partnerships and trust, as well as deft experience working with safety regulations and OSHA requirements. No flooring situation or challenge is too difficult for the Morris Park team to tackle. Further, the Morris Park team is comfortable working with property management teams across the region as well as contractors, bringing projects in on time and on budget.
So, come in and visit Jimmy and his team. They are ready to help you with your flooring challenges, bringing care, service and expertise to whatever project you have. The clients and partners of Morris Park Flooring are more than just simple business opportunities. The foundation of the Morris Park Flooring business is service and caring for its customers, and creating long term relationships in providing the best in flooring care and solutions, no matter the space or project, be it business or home. For the best in flooring solutions, Morris Park Flooring is your answer. 

Morris Park Flooring, Inc. is located at 1008 Morris Park Ave. in the Bronx. 

For more information, call (718) 824-7847; email We invite you to call us or to come and visit. We want to serve you!


Flooring Installation, Service and Repair. Carpet Installation. Tile Installation. Linoleum Installation, Service and Repair. Wood Flooring Installation, Service and Repair. All phases of residential and commercial flooring and design. Carpet Wholesale. Flooring delivery.
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